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Hi, my name is Tristan Patrick.

I am passionate about finding the confident habits that let you live life on your own terms: To be happier, overcome your inner fears, and more productive. I have made it my mission to study fields such as psychology and neuroscience, to find the routines that really work.

I take what I learn, add the findings from my own experiments, and translate it all into easy and practical steps. Then, I share what I learn in my private email newsletter.

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The amount of information available on personal development is overwhelming. A lot of it is nothing but hot air. My mission is to provide you with the solid, research backed stuff. To sift through what’s real and what’s not. So you don’t have to.

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I take what I learn, and turn it into routines that anyone can apply: No inspirational memes and platitudes, but real and practical advice. In step-by-step articles that anyone can use. In just a few minutes a day.

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